Attain Deep Sexual Pleasure with Milking Table

If sex and sexual practice are concerned, there are various types of acts, activities, and positions involved in this. Humans for their satisfaction have been discovered no. of ways to involve sexually and this so-called discovery is still not stopped, everyday new practices and acts appear with the strange call. If you have tried different positions or acts in your bedroom then you would be aware of how strange their calls are. For example, sexual acts like Tune-in-Tokyo, Tea bagging, Salad-tossing, Queening, Cream Pie, Pearl necklace are some of the calls, if you are encountered with such words the first time, surely you will have to search on the internet to get their meaning.

One such sexual practice which we are going to talk about is the Milking table. Let’s face this new term and have a better idea for the future.

What is a Milking Table?

The milking table is a table that is used to give a nude massage. Now you will ask, what is special in this? Any table can be used to give a massage. Wait, we understand that you are getting curious to know. So, yeah, it is a special type of table that is only used for massaging. Have you ever watched porn video in which a girl gives a Blowjob to a man under the table? If you have watched it then you might know why this table is special.

Actually, the milking table is a massage table with two strategically placed holes. One is for the face of the person lying on the table to facilitate breathing during the massage and while another one is for the penis and testicles to comfortably pass through. Generally, a man lies on the table face down to receive a message from his wife, girlfriend, escort, or sex workers who are positioned underneath the table. The practice of milking table is mainly for the enjoyment and stimulation of the penis.

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How Milking Table Can Be Used For Pleasure?

To Receive Massage:

You can receive a message from masseurs and masseuses by lying nude on the table. As we know massage is a great way to keep you rejuvenated, distressed and get relieved from muscle pain. To take care of your body, just lie back on the table and tell your partner masseuses/masseurs to explore inch by inch of your body area. When his/her hand will go near your stimulating area you will experience deep pleasure. For extra enjoyment, you may have lotion or oil at your convenience.

Pre and Post Sex Act:

Massage is also used as a pre- and post-sex act. You can have a massage to get aroused before sex and, as we know sex is a kind of exercise in itself so you can also have it post-sex to make your body free. Sex is an art that involves various things before intercourse. You should be an artist if you are dreaming to provide complete satisfaction to your partner in bed. Massaging your partner before sex makes him/her aroused to play wildly in the bedroom. Gently rub your palm over the body of your partner. Before taking your palm over the stimulating area, make your nose near them and take a gentle breath as this helps to get arousal easily. Massage her until he/she doesn’t grab you in his/her arm.

To Give a Man Hand Job and Blowjob:

The thing for which milking table is mainly used is to give a man a hand job or blowjob through the table’s hole. This method comes in practice with this act as here man’s penis is milked like a cow’s udder. Generally, a girl positioned underneath the table provides massage on a man’s penis by milking it. You may also receive a deep throat blowjob if craved for oral sex.


Everybody wants to experience sex different and unique way. Making sessions ultra-pleasing and highly enjoyable is the main aim when we intimate with our partner. So, using a milking table you can spice up your sexual play. Hand job and blowjob types of activities can be more pleasurable and enjoyable. Apart from that many erotic massage parlors use this table to provide satisfactory massage to their customers. In porn movies, milking table pornography you probably has watched where a hot girl satisfies the man. So, this method is becoming popular and common slowly.

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